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CFWI’s Bake with an Expert

COURSE CODE: HTSM1032C  |  AUGUST 20, 2017

Back by Popular Demand!

Come to the Canadian Food & Wine Institute at Niagara College and immerse yourself in one of our new state of the art bake labs. The day will be hosted by our very own CFWI baking expert, who will guide you through a hands on learning session on producing a variety of traditional baked goods. You will venture through the process of producing Scones, Shortbread, Madeleine Cakes, and Fruit Tarts.

Recipes and techniques that even Grandma will envy!

This training session will include:

  • Learning ‘hands on’ techniques on how to make great tasting pastry,
  • Pastries to take home to share with family and friends,
  • A special lunch from our award winning Benchmark Restaurant,
  • A unique Canadian Food & Wine Institute Apron.

Sign up today for your spot in this very exciting course, and prepare to make your own baking traditions!

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Chicken Butchery with Chef Littlejohn

COURSE CODE: HTSM1033 C  |  AUGUST 26, 2017

In this course students will learn how to dissect a chicken into its respective parts in order to gain four meals out of one chicken. Students will prepare a chicken whole, as well as learn techniques on how to break it down and create a stock from the bones as well as multiple dishes from the respective parts. This is a valuable skill that any home chef would love to know. Once the course is complete, students will have the ability to butcher a chicken and prepare it either whole or make fantastic tasting chicken dishes for the whole family to enjoy!

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