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Cider With Gavin Robertson

DATE: June 24, 2017

Join NC Teaching Winery Winemaker and Cidermaker Gavin Robertson for a sensory-driven exploration of fermented apple ciders, from historical origins in Europe to the fast emerging craft cider industry in Ontario.  Lessons in apple growing, cider production, the global diversity of cider styles, food pairing, and industry trends will be accompanied by a broad sampling of ciders from around the world, all designed to enhance your knowledge and appreciation of this exciting drink!

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Pork Butchery with Butcher Jamie Waldron

DATES: MAY 13  |  JULY 8  |  AUGUST 12

Jamie Waldron will be teaching students how to prepare the pork into three categories. Primal, which are the first cuts that represent the largest portions. Second ‘retail cuts’ which, for instance, are the shoulder (boston and picnic), loin (chops and loin roasts), belly (bacon, pancetta), leg (ham, prosciutto) and finally the upper portion (headcheese, guanciale). This class will be hands-on and students will be taking home 25-30 lbs of fresh pork, wrapped for storage. Come spend a day in the life of a butcher! Enroll Today!

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CFWI’s Bake with an Expert

DATE: AUGUST 20, 2017

Back by Popular Demand!

Come to the Canadian Food & Wine Institute at Niagara College and immerse yourself in one of our new state of the art bake labs. The day will be hosted by our very own CFWI baking expert, who will guide you through a hands on learning session on producing a variety of traditional baked goods. You will venture through the process of producing Scones, Shortbread, Madeleine Cakes, and Fruit Tarts.

Recipes and techniques that even Grandma will envy!

This training session will include:

  • Learning ‘hands on’ techniques on how to make great tasting pastry,
  • Pastries to take home to share with family and friends,
  • A special lunch from our award winning Benchmark Restaurant,
  • A unique Canadian Food & Wine Institute Apron.

Sign up today for your spot in this very exciting course, and prepare to make your own baking traditions!

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It’s all about the Sauce with Chef Littlejohn

DATE: JULY 9, 2017

Have you ever had a meal and you couldn’t help but think, I wish I had a delicious sauce to go with this?

This course will introduce students to the 5 mother sauces and how they can be used to enhance their everyday meal process. We will understand the difference between a Tomato sauce versus a cream based or Béchamel sauce as well as how to create the perfect Gravy. We will debunk the dreaded Hollandaise sauce and allow students to have the confidence to create a delicious sauce at home. Students will walk away from this class with the ability to make all 5 mother sauces as well as understand how to manipulate them to fit any dish.

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International Breads

DATE: JULY 9, 2017

Many of us have recently discovered the culinary delights and healthy benefits of eating breads made from whole grains.  This course will focus on baking with ancient grains, and you will be introduced to both yeast and flat breads from other cultures.  Learn techniques and recipes to produce nutritious artisan breads in your own home!  Don’t forget to bring your take home containers.

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Homemade Pasta

DATE: JULY 15, 2017

Welcome to a culinary world of comfort.  In this course learn how to create, from 3-4 ingredients, pasta.  A staple that is synonymous with Italy. From the basics we will build dishes that will amaze you.  This three part series includes:

Day One- Traditional pasta dishes… The ones we all have come to be comfortable with all made with homemade noodles. Day Two- Classic pasta dishes and the regions they came from.
Day three- What can we create? Spins on some classics and brand new ideas.  Bon Appetito!

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Seal the Season

DATE: AUGUST 19, 2017

Small batch canning and preserving has gained much popularity and offers the home cook a chance to seal the season in a way they may have thought was close to impossible.  Chef Littlejohn would like to share his passion with you in this seasonal course titled SEAL THE SEASON at the Canadian Food and Wine Institute. In this course we will take seasonal products and create small batch jarred preserves that you will be able to take home and enjoy throughout the winter, and hopefully you continue it on in the next season. This class will take us through the process of creating a jam, a pickle and a sauce all able to be enjoyed months down the road; are you ready, here we go!

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Chicken Butchery with Chef Littlejohn

DATE: AUGUST 26, 2017

In this course students will learn how to dissect a chicken into its respective parts in order to gain four meals out of one chicken. Students will prepare a chicken whole, as well as learn techniques on how to break it down and create a stock from the bones as well as multiple dishes from the respective parts. This is a valuable skill that any home chef would love to know. Once the course is complete, students will have the ability to butcher a chicken and prepare it either whole or make fantastic tasting chicken dishes for the whole family to enjoy!

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