NC faculty members export expertise to Peru

NC chef professor Osvaldo Avila (second left) is pictured with students from Peru during his recent trip there, where he helped design curriculum for the Luis E. Valcárcel Institute’s Food Industry program.

Through funding from Colleges and Institutes Canada’s Education for Employment Educación para el Empleo (EPE) program, Niagara College faculty travelled to Ilo and Moquegua, Peru  from October 24  to November 1 to provide expertise in food processing and wine education.

Niagara College has been involved with the EPE program for one year, with another year-and-a-half remaining.

NC Canadian Food and Wine Institute chef professor Osvaldo Avila joined Conestoga College’s Institute of Food Processing Technology chair Luis Garcia in helping to design the curriculum for the Luis E. Valcárcel Institute’s Food Industry program and presented a leadership seminar to its professors. Other faculty from Niagara College also participated including John McTavish (Liberal Arts), Taylor Chiocchio (International – gender inequality) and Diane Evans (Sommelier).

The Education for Employment program aims to ensure that the network of 150 Canadian colleges and institutes is able to continue contributing, in an even more effective and sustainable way, to poverty reduction in developing countries.

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Avila met with Virgilio Martínez Véliz, chef/owner of Central Restaurant, which was named the Best Restaurant in Latin America in 2014 and has been listed as the fourth best in the world by S.Pellegrino. Avila invited him to visit Niagara College and Véliz accepted.