Tap into your inner Brewmaster with latest online CE course

CE  brewing online inc

History and beer enthusiasts will raise a glass to the latest online course offering from the College’s Part-Time Studies department: the History of Brewing. The new Spring 2016 course is part of the College’s Brewmaster and Brewery Operations management program that has been developed for online delivery and made available to the public.

“With the surging popularity of craft brewing this course would be of interest to all beer lovers and history buffs,” said Bill Groves of the College’s CE Department.

The course examines the relationship beer has had from humanity from the dawn of history to the present day. The course explores the mystery of fermentation, beer’s central role in the development of ancient civilizations, the move from medieval kitchens to commercial breweries, how beer shaped the New World, the link between location and style, the development of a global beer style, and the current craft beer revolution.

The course is a 14-week, 42 hour, three credit course that begins May 10 and ends August 16.

Registration is now available online or through the Registration office and will be open until May 17.

For information contact niagaracollege.ca/distance or call 905-735-2211 ext. 7606.