For completion of the certificate, the student must successfully:

  • Complete all six courses with a minimum passing grade of 70%;
  • 60 hours of stage experience (i.e. experience in an actual service environment, allowing for integration of all aspects of the Sommelier training) and;
  • receive a minimum grade of 75% in each of the three components of the final CAPS Certification Exam. This CAPS Certification Exam will be administered during course module VI – CAPS 1006 – Sommelier Management by the Canadian Association of Professional Sommeliers – Ontario.

Upon graduation, students will receive a joint certificate from the Canadian Association of Professional Sommeliers (CAPS) and Niagara College. The Sommelier Certificate is recognized in all 44 countries with which CAPS is affiliated. Graduates will also be granted a complementary one year membership to CAPS. This membership provides full membership privileges with the exception of voting rights.

In the event you successfully complete all the course work at Niagara College, but fail to meet the certification exam requirement administered by CAPS, you will not receive certification until that requirement has been met.